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Oct 23, 2019

Engaging in a healthy lifestyle and creating balance between your emotional and physical wellbeing is key to helping you find lasting love in your life.  That's why we're dedicating a whole show to helping you choose to live the lifestyle that works best for you and your health needs. This week on the show, Kim interviews Rob Dionne, a celebrated health and wellness coach based in L.A. who is the host of the Open Sky Fitness Podcast with his amazing wife Devon. Rob's latest endeavor is OCD, the Official Coffee Diet, designed to help people drop body fat and increase their energy quickly. Robs starts right off by opening up about his personal life and a major event that happened in his childhood dealing with the health of a loved one that totally rocked his world. Ever since then, his perspective on what it *really* means to live a healthy lifestyle completely shifted from his upbringing of carb and dairy-heavy diets. Rob goes through some of the differences and benefits of Whole 30, Paleo, and Keto diets you've been hearing about in the media for the last several years. Kim and Rob talk through Rob's history of yo-yo dieting, dieting for fitness competitions, and he and his wife's transition into adopting a comprehensive view of healthy living -- not just dieting. And, since this is the Charisma Quotient, you'll hear Kim compare the typical way people date online (swipe after swipe, after swipe), to figuring out something more consistent that feels good over time, not just for a quick hit. This conversation will help you think about healthy living in a more holistic way, keeping your physical and emotional health in check. You can't diet or date in short spurts without a consistent strategy or consistent goals. If you're looking to create more balance in your love life sign up for a FREE breakthrough call with Kim right here: And, if you're in New York City next month, come to her exclusive Flirt Academy November 5th, sign up soon! It's a small group, with limited seating. Grab your tickets here: