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Sep 23, 2019

Do you feel invisible? Do you think that people notice everyone else in the room but you? Do you wonder why others don't seem to hear you, or maybe... you'd rather they don't look at you at all? On this week's episode, Kim talks through the Top 5 Ways You're Making Yourself Invisible and gives you actionable strategies to break that pattern.  In fact, there are some crucial things you might be doing subconsciously to keep yourself invisible.  Whether you're looking to be seen, or you just need a boost of confidence to come out of your shell and shine, Kim shares what you can do to get there!  If you have ever felt that you accept less than you deserve, often find yourself in lopsided relationships or interactions, or feel like people always misinterpret your intentions, then this show was made for you! You'll hear Kim talk through how in your quest to be polite or avoid confrontation, others may view you as passive-aggressive. Listen in to hear tips on how a few simple body language or conversation tricks can change everything, without having to change who you are! This episode will help you ask yourself some big questions. And if you are tired of being invisible and really want to get a handle on this part of your life, then sign up for a FREE breakthrough call with her right here: One call could help you understand how this invisibility can be blocking you in all areas of your life. Be seen and be heard! Sign up today.