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May 8, 2019

Everyone has challenges with dating! Attracting the right kind of person for you is a skill you can build with practice. This week, you'll hear Kim's coaching session with Maria. She's a vibrant, confident, and successful woman looking for a man who can match her energy and inspire her. However, she has found that she consistently attracts the wrong type of guy for her. Maria shares her journey from when she first started working with Kim 4 years ago to now. For Maria, meeting men isn't the issue, it's sending signals to the right kind of guys that she's interested in a relationship, and not just a casual romance. When your life priorities shift, the time you spend focusing on your love life will change. Kim and Maria talk through how to take a conversation from surface level to an appropriate emotional place. Listen in to hear Maria’s breakthrough moment where Kim cracks the code of why this keeps happening to her and gives her hands on tips in how to overcome it.  And it’s not what you might think!  If you’re looking to shift your perspective on dating to land the relationship you’ve always wanted, give Kim a call with a FREE 30-minute breakthrough session: and have her crack the code on what you can do differently to attract the right one for you.