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Dec 12, 2018

This week, Kim's back with another episode of, What Would Kim Do? On this segment, Kim answers your questions by telling you what you should do in your situation. Kim starts by tackling the age-old question, why does it feel like all guys on online dating sites are only interested in sex? Of course, there are guys out there only interested in one thing, but if you're looking for a more serious relationship Kim challenges you to take inventory of what you're putting out there to see if you can change your results. And if most of your dating activity is through dating apps or Instagram, Kim shares what to say to transcend that online bubble and what to say to move the conversation from the online world to the real world. Next, this episode goes into how to check your confidence levels at different stages of a relationship -- with others and with yourself. Whether you're worried about gaining the confidence to strike up a conversation with someone new, sharing your feelings for the first time, or being able to look at yourself in the mirror and feel sexy, doing some personal work on your self-esteem is a great idea! This episode is packed with action steps you can take today to improve your self-esteem, decrease your anxiety around dating and relationships and improving your body image. If you want your question to be featured on a future episode, send them to Kim via direct Facebook message @SeltzerKimberly and while you're at it, join her private Facebook group Love Makeover Insiders for women committed to transforming their lives from the outside in!