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Jul 8, 2020

Do you have an open mind when it comes to your dating life? Or are you so busy checking your list to see if your date has potential to be your long life partner in fear of picking the wrong one…again?  In this segment of Coaching with Kimmy, you'll meet Emily, a single mom who's on a quest to find her ideal date after...

Jul 1, 2020

There's a new feeling in the air this summer in this unfamiliar world we're all in together. Maybe you're reopening your dating life or maybe you're feeling tired of trying the same things over and over with little to show for it. This week, Kimmy talks about how you can use this summer to redefine how you date so...

Jun 24, 2020

Have you ever had a dating dry spell? No matter how much you're swiping or trying to put yourself out there, you can't get anyone to engage with you. While this is frustrating and can make you feel like there is no one out there, this episode will give you concrete tips on how to stop these spells in their tracks. 

Jun 17, 2020

Right now, you're probably longing for real, human contact and you might be feeling stressed out and lonely. Moving to socialize online as you're observing ever-shifting distancing guidelines can be daunting, but you may have a better opportunity virtually to connect with others than ever before! 
EPISODE 146 of The...

Jun 10, 2020

We are in the process of redefining how we date, communicate and fall in love. We're all navigating the challenges and opportunities of modern dating, especially with the advent of online dating platforms.  Whether or not you have engaged in the online dating world, there are some very real trends that have a strong...