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Nov 7, 2018

This week on the show, Kim unveils a new segment, What Would Kim Do? On these episodes, Kim takes your questions and answers them directly. Send us your questions about dating, love, relationships, building self-confidence and anything in between! On this segment, Kim answers questions about how to be in your feminine while still maintaining your confidence and power and how to deal with a date that won't let you get a word in. You'll hear a question from a woman who's dealing with a pretty bad breakup and Kim's advice on how to find yourself and your identity after a relationship ends. Next, Kim breaks down the difference between friendly and flirty for someone who finds themselves relegated to the friend zone constantly. Plus, Kim answers the ultimate question, how do you find a quality man?  You’ll have to listen though to find out the surprising answer.  If you like this segment, let us know! Send your questions to Kim via direct Facebook message @SeltzerKimberly and while you're at it, join her private Facebook group Love Makeover Insiders for women committed to transforming their lives from the outside in!