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Dec 31, 2018

Do you tend to stay in things too long?  How do you know when enough is enough -- when it's better to quit than stick it out? At what point do you release the fear of the unknown and move confidently into the next chapter of your life unburdened? This week, Kim interviews Dr. Lynn Marie Morski, author Quitting by Design and host of the podcast, Quit Happens.  Lynn Marie teaches others how to quit rationally and strategically.  This conversation is perfect for stepping into the New Year courageously, powerfully and without regrets!  Kim and Lynn Marie discuss the fundamental components of deciding to quit with Kim’s signature strategy of a cost/benefit analysis on relationships -- how big and bright is the light at the end of your tunnel and how dark and long is that tunnel to begin with?  With Kim's background in psychology and Lynn Marie's medical training, this conversation is packed with breakdowns of human behavioral patterns and physiology that will reveal some surprising connections.  Lynn Marie explains the 5 steps of quitting and differentiates between various levels.  This dialogue will empower you to assess your relationships, friendships, and habits to decide whether or not a quit is right for you!  And if you're ready to get unstuck in your love life and perhaps quit a relationship that isn’t serving you schedule a FREE breakthrough session with Kim here: