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Feb 6, 2018

Dr. Ish Major has been decoding the way men think and act in dating and relationships for his entire career. A board-certified psychiatrist and resident relationship expert on WEtv's Marriage Bootcamp, Dr. Ish has obviously seen his share of broken relationships! In today's episode, Kim and Ish discuss how men and women both assume they know exactly what the opposite sex wants - and nothing could be further from the truth! Ish shares some incredible tips on how to avoid making assumptions on your next date or in your current relationship. Here's a hint - say exactly what you want up front. These two break down some key differences in how men and women process and communicate information, why men and women lie and tell you how to set expectations for your partner. And, if you're in a relationship RIGHT NOW that needs some major TLC, sign up for Dr. Ish's Relationship Rescue and Recovery Boot Camp! or if you need help getting a date to be in that relationship sign up for Kim’s Dating Makeover Retreat April 12-15