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Mar 6, 2018

Stop being a shapeshifter and find the real you! This week, Kim talks about shapeshifting, or the ability to morph into what others want to see in order to be liked or praised. You may have recognized this phenomenon in others, or yourself. While shapeshifting can be a positive (it comes with incredible sales skills!), but it's impossible to maintain balanced relationships when one person is hiding who they really are. Kim goes through how to detect if you or your date is shapeshifting, how to express your needs outside your script and how to date for yourself! These tips will show you how to talk about what you love, what you stand for and what makes you tick without overdoing it or being needy. And, if you spot a shapeshifter in your life, this episode will teach you how to call them out and encourage them to express their authentic self. Don't forget, if you want to put these skills to the test - sign up for Kim's Dating Makeover Retreat April 12-15