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Mar 20, 2019

Did you know that research says that no one is born with charisma? It's all learned behavior! On this week's episode, Kim dives into how anyone can learn her Charisma Quotient formula with special guest, Dr. Larry Senn. Larry is known widely as The Father of Corporate Culture and is the author of the fascinating book, "The Mood Elevator". 

Larry walks through the different levels of The Mood Elevator and how being curious and interested can help pull you up from the lower emotional states. Listen in to hear all about how Larry has kept the spark alive with his wife of 40 years and how he prioritizes his happiness daily. Kim talks through the 3 ingredients that make up her Charisma Quotient, and how it all starts from the outside in. When you can feel good about how you present yourself on the outside, that energy can permeate all other areas of your life. Larry shares lessons he's learned working to encourage a positive culture throughout his career at companies like Walmart and The Woolworth Company. Some of the same ideas apply whether you want to be happier at work, or happier in your relationship. Either way, Larry's insightful advice to reduce drama and emotional flareups in relationships is on point! 

If you've noticed that you have settled on the lower levels of the mood elevator when it comes to your self-confidence, then this is a perfect opportunity to schedule a FREE 30-minute breakthrough call with Kim. The first step to changing your mindset and raising your Charisma Quotient!  Sign up for a free breakthrough session here: