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Jan 15, 2020

We're back with the first "What Would Kim Do?" segment of 2020! Write in your dating and love questions to @SeltzerKimberly on Facebook, and your question could be featured on an upcoming episode. This week, Kim talks through how to conquer your fears around rejection, get comfortable with who you are, how to date as a single parent and get clarity on what you want in a partner. If you've ever struggled with addiction or addictive tendencies, you'll also want to pay attention to this episode. Kim answers a question about how addiction can seriously affect your love life and what to do about it. You'll hear a question with an insightful answer as to why it's helpful to learn to not get too attached as you date. Listen in for some ninja tips on how to find your voice and get out of your own way. When you know what you want and feel good with who you are, you have the freedom to try new things and be yourself without fear. This episode will show you that choosing to give people a chance helps you learn how to make dating fun and more connected! Once you know that you want to start attracting different people into your life, you've got to make a plan to accomplish it! If you are looking to make some concrete changes, get in touch with Kim and hop on the phone for a free breakthrough call here: Getting coaching can be the biggest catalyst to jump start in your love life in a whole new way!