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Sep 12, 2018

Dating is tough for everyone!  But what if you knew there were common mistakes that you might be making when trying to attract a partner?  There are repetitive behavioral patterns that show up in us over and over again. When you're able to recognize your patterns and challenges, you can make adjustments as needed to get a different result. This week, Kim talks through her 5 Dating Archetypes she has studied over the years as a dating and relationship coach and therapist. Open up your notepad or grab a pen because you're going to want to take notes. Now of course these archetypes are sometimes painted with a broad brush and you likely won't fit neatly into one box. However, pay attention to which characteristics Kim talks about that may have derailed a previous relationship of yours or have prevented you from getting to know someone on a deeper level.  Listen to find out all about each one and the strategies you can use to break these patterns in order for you find love!  If you want to find out exactly what your dating archetype is, follow this link: and take the Dating Archetype Quiz!