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Feb 27, 2019

Do you have a ton of dates but they never turn into anything more?  Do your relationships tend to fizzle out after a short period?  With the rate of divorce hovering close to 50%, how do you turn your dates into real relationships that stick? To answer that question, Kim interviews Dr. Diana Kirschner, PBS Love Expert, psychologist and best-selling author of "Love in 90 Days". She's helped tens of thousands of singles and couples learn what it takes to build lasting relationships. If your dating routine or relationship is becoming too predictable, short lived or just isn't filling you up, then this episode is for you.  Dr. Diana's extensive experience, combined Kim's results-oriented signature outside in approach is a recipe for success in learning how to love yourself so you can find the lasting love you deserve. Dr. Diana and Kim share tips on how to date casually, keep men interested and how to know where to find the right guys for you. This conversation will give you a peek behind how changing your clothes and even your name can change who you attract and how you're perceived by others. Don't give up before the miracle - your perfect lasting match could be just around the corner. To learn more and grab Dr. Diana's book "Love in 90 Days" click here:     And don’t forget to check out Kim’s Love Makeover Bootcamp Retreat in Florida this April.  Click here for more