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Mar 25, 2020

Do you have questions about dating during the Coronavirus? Kimmy Seltzer has surprising answers to your love questions on this special segment where she answers your dating and relationship questions during this uncertain time. With the advent of the coronavirus outbreak, those of us wading into the dating pool need to get creative with how we create connections with one another without being able to meet in-person.
While you can't physically connect with new people, in this week’s episode of Surprising Answers To Your Love Questions During A Coronavirus, Kimmy Seltzer explains how you can socially connect on a deep level now more than ever. This episode will show you that you can create that feeling of closeness, combat loneliness and use your newfound spare time to foster connection in a new way. 
You'll hear a question from a woman who's dealing with feeling alone and looking for ways to be kinder to herself in those moments.  Kimmy tackles this tough question strategically by reviewing 5 steps to combat loneliness. What do you do if you've got a string of in-person dates lined up, but all the bars and restaurants are closed and you've been told to shelter in place? Listen in as Kimmy discusses creative ways to date and work on dating skills while at home. She shares her top tips for how to transition to online dating if you haven't before and how to have great virtual dates. Plus, you'll get answers that will help you boost your conversation skills in the apps and lockdown dates like never before. Listen in to hear answers on how you can start creating a different kind of chemistry by relying less on physicality, and more on emotions.
If you're still feeling lost when it comes to fostering connections online, this is a great opportunity to join a supportive online community of amazing women in Kimmy's FREE private Facebook group, The Love Makeover Insiders.  This is a chance to actually meet other wing women and create incredible, deep connections online!  There's no better time than right now to start exploring the online playground and create new connections without meeting in person.
Hosted by Authentic Dating and Strategic Makeover Authority Kimmy Seltzer,  The Charisma Quotient shares an array of topics focused on Building Confidence, Making Connections and Finding Love.
Charisma Quotient Episode 134: Surprising Answers To Your Love Questions During A Coronavirus.
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