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Jan 19, 2024

Episode 330 of Charisma Quotient- Marketing Yourself for Love: Interview with Laura Belgray

Are you putting yourself out there as the best version of you?  Dating is a lot like marketing. You’re kind of selling a product (yourself – but not in a literal way), and your potential suitors are the buyers.  In this episode, Kimmy gets into how to market and promote yourself for love with award-winning copywriter and author of national bestseller, ‘Tough Titties: On Living Your Best Life When You’re the F-ing Worst,’ Laura Belgray. Marketing is not just for businesses with Instagram ads and catchy commercials. What if you could market you better so that you have more opportunities to find love? 

Episode 330 of Charisma Quotient- Marketing Yourself for Love: Interview with Laura Belgray is all about how to sell yourself to attract the suitors you want out in the real world. Kimmy and Laura explore the balance of self-promotion in business and in love, how to find your authentic voice, and how to attract the right kind of attention you crave.  These two dive into topics around the practice of boosting self-promotion and building confidence and connect with potential customers and daters.  Listen in to hear ways to let go of personal doubts and fear of annoying others when self-promoting.

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