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Nov 6, 2019

Are you a leader in your own love life? Do you have the courage to take control of your love life? This week on the show, Kim interviews a powerhouse in courageous leadership, Rich "Trigger" Bontrager. As a Motivational Speaker, Pastor, Storyteller and Coach, Rich helps people rise above what holds them back to create confidence and empower leaders and communicators. Rich and Kim jump right in to talk about Rich's childhood and how he has defied the odds and overcome several different health issues that doctors were sure he couldn't come back from. He talks through how his health issues have impacted his relationships and how he was able to maintain courage and confidence throughout. This conversation is inspiring and will help you create hope for the future. Resilience in your pursuit of finding love is essential for success, but it’s not always easy to create. You’ll learn some concrete tips to have courage to defy the odds in your love life and understand the importance of becoming the leader you need to be in order to attract what you want. Whatever your baggage is, whatever you believe is holding you back in your life from finding the love you want -- this show will help give you the tools not to bring that baggage with you. If you want to learn how to have the courage, defy the odds and be a leader in your love life, then hop on a FREE breakthrough call with Kim nowYou can sign up right here: She will definitely help you get there!