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Mar 11, 2020

Why do some people actually accelerate and have success even when there are huge obstacles in their life and others don’t? Do you allow the constant walls in front of you get in the way of achieving the life and love you want? You have the power to break down these barriers by challenging the way you think and act. When you’re working towards a goal, how do you go about tackling your biggest obstacles and rising to the occasion so you can progress? This week, Kim brings on a global leader in breaking barriers for women in business, Nikki Barua. As the Founder & CEO of Beyond Barriers, a platform that helps women leaders gain momentum and unlock innovative and adaptive digital-age strategies, Nikki is a master in helping you think outside of your comfort zone and be successful. Kim and Nikki begin by discussing why and how it is harmful tying yourself self-worth to the opinions of others is. As women, we often have to work harder to unlearn unhelpful patterns that diminish our confidence. If you’re a people-pleaser, this can create a huge obstacle! You will learn tips about how to get around the barrier of feeling guilty when you set a boundary and how you can instead gain the clarity you need to discover what you really feel and want. Nikki explains how to stop letting others set goals for you and move into setting those benchmarks for yourself. If you need to break through the barriers that are holding you back in your love life, then reach out to Kim for a free breakthrough call here: This one call could be the turning point where you stop searching for someone or something that others want for you and start prioritizing what will make you truly happy!