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Feb 28, 2018

Kim and former shy guy Myke Macapinlac, founder of Social Confidence Mastery, discuss how the right outfit and little confidence can change everything for you. Myke is a lifestyle entrepreneur and social dynamic specialist who helps shy guys become socially confident. This week, Kim and Myke talk about how the clothing you wear impacts your world.  And ladies you’ll LOVE hearing a man’s perspective on this.  You'll hear some great tips on building self-assurance and how clothes can be a vehicle to help you feel attractive every day. Myke talks about how loving yourself, having a fulfilling lifestyle, dressing well and having rewarding friendships all come before finding lasting love in your life. If you're doubting whether this system actually works - it is scientifically proven that your outfit can put you in a different psychological state!  Plus, if you need help getting a date to be in that relationship sign up for Kim’s Dating Makeover Retreat! April 12-15