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Jun 27, 2018

Fear manifests itself in so many ways in relationships. There's the fear of intimacy, the fear of abandonment, the fear of being alone and countless others. This week Kim talks to Melanie Curtis - author, speaker and fierce life coach, about how to take a leap of faith and crush your fears!  Melanie has been skydiving more than 10,000 times - something that would terrify most of us - but that means she's a pro at facing scary things head on and pushing through no matter what. Kim and Melanie discuss the fact that inspiration means nothing without the action to back it up. Melanie shares her process on how to confront fear by acknowledging it exists, drilling down to the core of that fear and determining if it's is real or imagined. Kim and Melanie talk through how important it is to normalize our fears through validation and most of all, focus on solutions. This conversation will show you that you are capable of conquering your fears in relationships, because it's all about building social and emotional skills. If you want help conquering your fears in the dating world, sign up for a FREE breakthrough session with Kim HERE: