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Apr 17, 2019

You've probably heard the old saying, in order to love someone else, you have to love yourself first. But that is a lot easier said than done. This week,Kim has a powerful conversation with Koya Webb, an internationally recognized yoga teacher, personal trainer, holistic health and wellness coach, author, and motivational speaker, who is revolutionizing the holistic living landscape. Kim and Koya talk about how to prioritize yourself over others so that you're able to help, give to and care for others in your life. Everyone wants to be loved, respected and told they're beautiful.  Before that can truly sink in, however, we need to believe this about ourselves.  Kim and Koya discuss how to achieve radical self-acceptance in our journey to truly be OK with who we are you have to see every challenge as an opportunity to grow.  They share powerful tips in how to put that self-love into action.  Kimemphasizes the importance of self-love in dating and shares useful tools on how to shift your perspective in order to find a partner who encourages you to be your best self. Koya talks through how to rise from the victim of your circumstances to the creator of your own path. Listen in for empowering tips and ideas that will help you live your life to the fullest. If you are having trouble seeing and believing in yourself and what you have to offer the world, sign up for a FREE 30-minute breakthrough call with Kim. You have the ability to shine brighter than ever, but we all need support and coaching to get there. Sign up right here: and make your next move. If you're in the Charlotte, North Carolina area - mark your calendars! Kim is going on the road with the Great Love Debate for the first ever, Flirt Academy Workshop! Click here to find out more: