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Nov 21, 2018

Do you use your femininity to your advantage? Do you believe it's possible to be feminine and be taken seriously? Or do you worry about how your femininity may come across? This week, Kim interviews Kendrick Shope, the creator of Sales School, the leading sales training for women entrepreneurs. Kim and Kendrick have a funny, compelling and energetic conversation about how you can use your feminine power successfully in professional and personal situations, without the fear of being underestimated.

As a sales expert in the media, Kendrick been featured on The Steve Harvey Show, NBC, and Forbes, among others. But at the beginning of her career, Kendrick was out in the field, selling everything from lumber to pharmaceuticals, and often, she was the only woman on her sales team. Kendrick shares stories of people underestimating her, telling her to change her methods, her accent and to tone down her femininity. Ultimately, as she and Kim discuss, it took confidence and persistence for her to change the expectations of her clients and her bosses, so she could show up as her authentic self.

Even if you're not in sales, this conversation is still valuable for you! Kim discusses the ways femininity can be a big asset in the world of business and in attracting a partner. And you'll learn Kendrick believes that selling is the key that unlocks the door to what you want in life. That might be a discussion with your child, your significant other, your client, your date or your boss. If you need that boost to help you confidently express what you want using feminine communication, this interview will help inspire you to yell it from the rooftops!

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