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May 9, 2018

Back by popular demand, Kim has an candid conversation with friend of the show, Jordan Harbinger. Jordan opens up to Kim about his experience leaving Art of Charm and creating his new show, The Jordan Harbinger Show. Kim talks through how big changes in our lives can feel just like a major breakup. When something that consumes a huge part of your life is suddenly gone, whether it's a job, or a relationship, it can feel like part of your identity has been taken away. Hindsight is 20/20, and now that some time has passed, Jordan's had the chance to reflect and process his feelings. Kim and Jordan uncover some actionable tips on how to recover from a breakup without breaking down, how to create a fresh start, how to find your own identity again and how to prioritize working on yourself instead of dwelling on the past. Progress happens when you allow yourself to feel your emotional pain, but breakthroughs are solidified when you push through that pain and commit to moving forward. So, if you're looking for help working through something in your life, sign up for a breakthrough session with Kim today! Just click the link here: