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Nov 13, 2019

This week on the Charisma Quotient Kim and her guest, host of the Men on Purpose Podcast Emerald GreenForest are talking two major topics you might be surprised to find out are totally related -- Love and Money! Known as the Wealthy Life Mentor, Emerald shares the steps to her wealthy life mindset. You'll hear client stories and examples that show how interconnected the success of your love life and your money in the bank are. It all tracks back to mindset. Kim and Emerald's conversation will prompt you to ask yourself, are you inviting in opportunities to your life that help you grow and expand, or do your intentions tell a different story? Kim asks Emerald to go into the details and origins of her wealthy mindset steps and explain how those can relate to discovering abundance in your dating life too. You’ll also hear why creative types have trouble maintaining an interest in dating apps! This conversation will help you think outside the box and achieve success in your dating life by looking at one area of success in your life, and apply them where you want to see improvement. If this conversation speaks to you and you're looking to shift your perspective, sign up for a free breakthrough call with Kim. She will help you learn to create wealth in your love life! Click here to sign up: