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Apr 22, 2020

Do you have a hard time knowing what to say when you meet someone?  Are conversations boring and disconnected? Making meaningful conversations are key to having deeper connections with people. So what’s the best way to engage someone in conversation? In this episode, Kimmy interviews entrepreneur, speaker and founder of the Turnkey Podcast Company, Doug Sandler. He’s interviewed tons of celebs like Ariana Huffington, John C. Maxwell, and Gary V., and has mastered the art of engaging people one on one. 


Kimmy and Doug dive deep on how to manage perfectionist tendencies and get into action mode. If you’re struggling to move past superficial conversations, exhausted by small talk or find yourself craving more meaningful connections, this show breaks it down into simple steps in how to move past that. These two also discuss how it’s all too easy to get trapped by getting in your head and thinking that every decision you make is final. In reality, you can have second, third—even infinite chances to meet the right person, it’s just honing in on the skills to do that. This conversation shows that it takes work, practice and bravery to succeed.


Take a good hard look at the quality of connections you’ve been making lately both online and off and ask yourself if you’ve been making true connections or not. If you’re coming up short by being misunderstood, or not able to progress to another interaction or date, hop on a breakthrough call with Kim here: and start to discover the power to create deep, real relationships with the people you want today. And if you are not feeling confidence putting signals out there with your body, join Kim and fitness expert Adam Schaeuble in the 14-Day Fit & Flirty Challenge starting April 27th.


Hosted by Confidence Therapist and Authentic Dating Strategist,  Kimmy Seltzer.  The Charisma Quotient shares an array of topics focused on Building Confidence, Making Connections and Finding Love.


Charisma Quotient Episode 138:  Interview With Doug Sandler:  How To Move Conversations & Strengthen Connections


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