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Feb 5, 2020

Are soul mates real? Is there one special, perfect person out there made especially for you? This week on the show, Kim and her expert guest answer some soulful questions: Does your relationship have a destiny? How do you find your soulmate? You'll benefit from the wisdom of Cynthia Clark, who has helped more than 7,000 busy professionals find lasting love and soulmate connections through the soulmate code system. Using the science of palmistry she helps you understand your love language for powerful soul connections. First, you'll learn what a soul mate actually is and how your definition impacts the quality of your relationship. When you find your soul mate, these bonds open you up and help you and your partner grow personally through the relationship. You might be surprised to find out how fate and destiny play into this definition. Listen in to hear how Cynthia defines everyone's "relationship genius" and what you can do to discover yours! Kim asks Cynthia about the different kinds of soul mate archetypes and ties it into her dating archetypes, how to identify yours and find the right match for you. Cynthia shares the secrets to your love life that could be hiding in your hands. Tune in to hear all about.   If you want to join Cynthia's Soul Mate Connection Membership program, sign up here: And after you learn your soulmate archetype, you’ll want to learn what your dating archetype is by taking my exclusive Dating Archetype Quiz here so you know how to overcome your challenges and capture that soulmate. Each step you take on your path brings to closer to finding love you deserve!