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Oct 17, 2018

Do you identify yourself as shy? Does being an introvert help you feel protected or less pressure to engage socially with others? You're not alone. So many people are naturally inclined to be introverts, but that doesn't mean that your love life is a bust! This week, Kim interviews Corey Poirier, renowned TEDx Speaker, award-winning keynote speaker and host of the "Conversations with Passion Radio Show.”  Kim asks Corey to open up about his history as, "the shy kid" and how he overcame his fears to speak in front of audiences of thousands and interview more than 4,000 of the world's top leaders.  His developed skills and tools helped him move beyond his comfort zone and push towards his goals.  Kim and Corey start this conversation off right away with concrete tips you can use everyday to feel more comfortable getting out of your own way and make connection with others.   This real conversation is filled with inspiring, relatable and concrete tips you can start using right away.  It will help you understand that living for yourself instead of living for other people is one of the keys to being more fulfilled in life and relationships.  And if you want to learn to get out there more and push past your shy tendencies, join Kim's private Facebook group the Love Makeover Insiders for woman transforming their love lives from the outside in