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Jun 13, 2018

This week Kim interviews Benjamin Ritter, host of the Live for Yourself podcast. Ben is a leader in public health and an executive and personal consultant with a focus in dating and relationships. Benjamin and Kim talk about their personal experiences with BIG, life-altering changes. Kim deep dives into the topic of how states of change can alter your perspective and that practice should be encouraged.  Ben and Kim discuss that when you're not truly living for yourself, it feels like the world is acting on you, instead of you making conscious choices to live in alignment with your goals and priorities. Ben gives some concrete action steps towards reprogramming your training so that you can align your values, your goals and your actions. This conversation focuses on our stressors, their causes and how to use those things as fuel to change ourselves for the better. If you're ready to make a MAJOR change in your life and even induce your own break state, sign up for a FREE breakthrough session with Kim HERE: