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Apr 15, 2020

Do you truly feel confident in your body?  Do you lack self-confidence in how sexy you are?  There is a connection and symbiotic relationship between your health, body confidence and attraction. This week, Kimmy Seltzer is infusing fitness elements to your style, emotional and social intelligence and talking all about body confidence.
To help with this, Kimmy's bringing on an incredible fitness expert, Adam Schaeuble, The PHD (aka Previously Heavy Dude). Adam shares the story of how he hit rock bottom when he weighed 327 lbs and what he did to jumpstart his own weight loss journey. Now, he runs a gym and boot camp program where he works with thousands of women and men to deliver practical, motivational tools helping them release what's holding them back and be the best version of themselves. Kimmy and Adam dive into talking about blame and guilt when it comes to accomplishing a challenge like weight loss or finding success in love. If you have found yourself pointing to external factors about why you're not landing the dates you want, or why you haven't stuck to exercise and health plans in the past, this episode will help give you the tools to feel more in control of your results. This uplifting, fun conversation will show you that you don't need to be a certain size, weight or shape to find the confidence and love you deserve--it's all about working to build the confidence you need to project the high self-esteem that attracts someone worthy of you! 
Listen in to hear the surprising #1 reason people don’t lose weight along with Adam's tips on how to successfully stick to a health and exercise plan for the long term.  Plus, stick around until the end to hear all the details about Kimmy and Adam's *NEW* 14-DAY FIT & FLIRTY CHALLENGE starting April 27th. If you're stuck in quarantine, wondering how you're going to find the motivation to maintain healthy habits and sex appeal while you're at home, consider joining them. Sign up today to take back control of your body confidence with daily challenges and exercises to ramp up your health, hotness and sex appeal.

Hosted by Confidence Therapist and Authentic Dating Strategist,  Kimmy Seltzer.  The Charisma Quotient shares an array of topics focused on Building Confidence, Making Connections and Finding Love.


Charisma Quotient Episode 137:  Interview With Adam Schaeuble: Your Health, Body Confidence & Attraction


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