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Dec 1, 2023

Intentional Dating:  Interview With Jillian Romero Chaves

Are you tired of going on countless dates that seem to lead nowhere?

This week on The Charisma Quotient, Kimmy Seltzer dives into the world of intentional dating with Jillian Romero Chavez, the creator of ‘Clara for Daters’, an innovative app designed to empower daters to become their own love scientists. 

In Episode 324 of The Charisma Quotient: Intentional Dating with Jillian Romero Chaves, sits down with Jillian, a former corporate professional turned dating app creator, as they discuss the importance of setting boundaries, collecting data, and making intentional choices when it comes to dating. 

Jillian brings a fresh perspective to the world of dating, sharing how tracking and reflecting on her own dating experiences led her to the creation of Clara.

Kimmy and Jillian explore the power of intentional dating and discuss the key questions that Clara prompts users to consider after each date—a unique approach that allows daters to assess chemistry, values, and various aspects of safety in relationships.

Hear Jillian share engaging stories about her own dating experiences, providing valuable insights on how to navigate the often challenging world of modern romance. 

Listen in to hear Kimmy’s questions around flirting and how that might be impacting the men Jillian attracts.

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