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Oct 10, 2018

Do you modify your behavior to avoid a loss of love or affection?  Do you find yourself being so consumed in your dates and relationships where you spend so much energy changing yourself in order to please or accommodate the other person or make them like you more? If either of those questions ring true for you, you may have some codependent tendencies and lose yourself in others. This week, Kim interviews Rose Cole, visionary leader, world-renowned speaker, author, mentor and spiritual guide to talk all about codependency and losing yourself in relationships. The term “codependency" is often misinterpreted, but this episode will clear up any misconceptions you may have.  Kim and Rose talk through practical strategies that you can use to stop shrinking yourself and to be better able to express your needs. Rose shares the personal journey she went through that helped her come to terms with her codependency and ultimately, overcome it successfully. This caring conversation about healthy self-love will help you understand how to fill up your own love tank so you can lessen the need to seek validation from others.  And there is a special surprise at the end that will relax and inspire you!  If you're looking to discover your tendencies in relationships and break patterns that hold you back from being your full self in relationships, join Kim's new private Facebook group for women looking to transform their love lives from the outside in: