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Jun 24, 2020

Have you ever had a dating dry spell? No matter how much you're swiping or trying to put yourself out there, you can't get anyone to engage with you. While this is frustrating and can make you feel like there is no one out there, this episode will give you concrete tips on how to stop these spells in their tracks. 
EPISODE 147 of The Charisma Quotient Podcast is titled: Getting Over A Dating Dry Spell: Coaching With Kimmy
This week on Coaching with Kimmy, you'll hear her live conversation with Lindy who is a teacher, mom of three, and accomplished musician. As an exceptional, independent woman with two master's degrees, Lindy knows her worth and wants to find a man who deserves her. This conversation centers around the unknown armor Lindy's built up around her for protection as a result of trauma from her past marriage that has been preventing her from attracting the men she wants and creating the dry spell she has undergone.
Kimmy and Lindy jump right in and talk through Lindy's past dating experience and upbringing to discover why she's in a dry spell and can’t progress on dates. If you have ever felt like you'd rather skip flirting and small talk in favor of just getting to the deep conversation like Lindy, you'll want to listen close!  Kimmy pin points and uncovers some surprising mistakes that Lindy is doing as a serial relationship gal that has been pushing great guys away.  And, if you have a tendency to get in your head instead of being in your body, you'll hear some great tips on how to access your inner sexy before a date. Listen in as you Lindy’s insight into how her constant battles of being a people pleaser and sticking to “safe” topics rather than turning her cab light on have acted as a love shield. You'll hear actionable advice on how being playful and creating mystery when you're flirting can yield different results. 
If you are experiencing a dating dry spell and are operating out of desperation or you've simply disengaged, you have the power to break that pattern! You can sign up for a complimentary call with Kimmy here: Learn how to create a new energy when you're flirting so you can start creating chemistry on your dates and interactions.
EPISODE 147 of The Charisma Quotient Podcast is titled: Getting Over A Dating Dry Spell: Coaching With Kimmy. The Charisma Quotient Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and many of your other favorite podcast channels. ⁣
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