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Apr 3, 2019

Today we're doing something a little different! Last year, Kim coached Anne on the show, who was a master at getting to the first date, but had issues when it came to securing a second. If you haven't listened yet, check back to the episode from April 3, 2018 "Coaching with Kim: How to Get Beyond the First Date"! 

Now, Anne is back to tell Kim all about the amazing new guy she met last year and how she's changed since being on the show. Last year, Anne was a pro at getting guys to feel incredible but wasn't getting the deeper connection and affection she needed in return. If you're like Anne, coming off of a divorce, or in anyrelationship that didn't fill you up, you're more likely to accept the crumbs instead of the cake. In fact, you might not even recognize the cake even when it's served to you! 

On this show, you'll hear Anne share the progress she's made since working with Kim. Plus, Anne shares the tips she used to get men to understand that she's interested in them.  Listen also as she shares the tools Kim gave her to create a more intimate, deeper connection with her now boyfriend.  Stay tuned throughout to hear the advice Anne would have given her self, knowing what she knows now. 

If you are accepting crumbs when you KNOW you deserve the cake, do what Anne did. Schedule a free breakthrough call with Kim right here, right now: One year from now, you too could be in the beautiful relationship you've always deserved!