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Nov 30, 2022

Do you absolutely hate dating right now and feel lost on what to do and where to go as you re-enter the post pandemic dating scene?  Did you know there is not only a hesitation around dating, but also a fear of dating and intimacy that has emerged recently? If you’ve been feeling this way, you’re not alone! Since the onset of the pandemic in 2020, we have had to change our social and dating lives completely. Now that we are gathering in person again, it feels like we need to re-learn how to interact with one another!   In this weeks episode, Kimmy breaks down her top 5 tips for navigating what she calls a pandemic dating hangover! 
EPISODE 272 of The Charisma Quotient Podcast is titled: Navigating The Pandemic Dating Hangover
Listen in to hear Kimmy define the most buzz-worthy dating terms in use these days like FODA and “hesidating.”  Kimmy walks through her dating hangover recovery plan so that you can re-learn how to date and relate.   This episode dives deep into the ways in which you can start to safely put yourself out there again and exercise your social muscle once more.  Discover why it’s important to with intention and an action plan.  It’s not easy to put yourself out there again, but this episode will give you concrete strategies to explore new hobbies with social components, help you increase your confidence to introduce yourself to others, and break your social and dating slump!
If you are in total dating burnout and need a reboot to get over your pandemic dating hangover.. hop on a free call with Kimmy here so she can map out a plan with you in doing so
EPISODE 272 of The Charisma Quotient Podcast is titled: Navigating The Pandemic Dating Hangover.  Charisma Quotient Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and many of your other favorite podcast channels.

Kimmy Seltzer is a Confidence Therapist and Authentic Dating Strategist implementing targeted style, emotional and social intelligence to your life. ⁣
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