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Dec 25, 2019

This holiday season, Kim asks the hard question: Are you naughty or nice? What if this holiday season was about receiving more than giving?  On this week's show, Kim reveals to 5 Ways You Can Be Naughty Instead of Nice in your love life. Listen in, some of her tips might surprise you! When it comes to dating, you can achieve a healthy balance by being a little naughty! This doesn't mean being over the top but instead learning how to set more boundaries for yourself and let go of the tendency to always be polite. Sometimes naughtiness can go too far, but sometimes it's OK to be a little selfish! This show is all about how to strike the right balance for you and bring some variety into your love life to help you let go, take risks and find love.  It's about breaking out of the hamster wheel, expressing yourself and not taking yourself too seriously so that you create opportunity to find real love...not love that is fabricated based on what others want for you. If you're feeling like you are giving more than receiving, it might be time to find your voice, speak up and choose to be naughtier than you usually are! And, if you've noticed you've started to feel resentment and overwhelmed about putting other people's happiness before your own, here's something you can do to end 2019 on a high note! Sign up for a breakthrough call with Kim, right here and allow yourself to put YOU first!