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Aug 28, 2019

How many times have you been asked, why are you still single? Sure, it's frustrating to hear - but what if you knew you were self-sabotaging and contributing to your own single status? This week on the show, Kim interviews women's addiction and recovery expert, Tracy O'Malley. Tracy has helped thousands of women emerge from overwhelm to create thriving businesses. Kim and Tracy have a lively, personal discussion about the root of self-sabotage and how this dynamic keeps you stuck. Tracy shares her journey recovering from addiction and demonstrates the fine line between self-care and self-sabotage when it came to her relationships. If you have a tendency to expect the worst result and are often disappointed with the outcome you get, this episode was made for you. Listen in to discover how you may be contributing to your own failures because of negative beliefs you're holding onto. They go into actionable tips on how to get around repeating old patterns from your past that don't serve you.  This is an uplifting, inspiring and deep conversation that you will find a ton of value in. Kim and Tracy connect over one of the biggest love lessons ever - if you don't repair it, you'll repeat it!  Self-sabotage can happen to anyone, but you don't have to handle it alone. If you're struggling with repeating bad patterns for yourself in your love life, break the cycle with a FREE 30-minute breakthrough call with Kim. You can sign up right here: and within just half an hour you can start to uncover your path forward.