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Aug 21, 2019

What are your dating fears? It's easy to say that you haven't met the right person or you're not ready for a relationship. With the potential for great love and happiness comes the risk of disappointment. This week, Kim knocks out the Top 5 Dating Fears that keep you from finding love AND gives you actionable tips to conquer them. Whether you get uncontrollable butterflies in your stomach before a first date or cringe thinking about the prospect of meeting someone new or perhaps your palms get sweaty when you think about being vulnerable -- chances are she'll cover it on this episode. Listen in to hear about how your fear of rejection or abandonment may be a self-fulfilling prophecy and what you can do to remove yourself from that negative cycle and get a different result. If you have a ton of anxiety around dating, chances are that its fear getting in the way which Kim will help you uncover.  She first dissects parts of your fears and then kicks you gear to face your fear. Kim talks through different strategies to prepare yourself to tackle your fear head-on without letting your worst instincts hold you back. A lot of times, the fear we feel is derived from wanting to be perfect. Kim discusses how that perfectionist need can be tempered so you can let go, have fun, and flirt without the fear of making a mistake. The biggest thing you'll learn from this episode is... EVERYONE is afraid and that you are not alone! If you want to ensure that your fears are not holding you back from finding love, sign up for a FREE break through call with Kim here: In 30 minutes you'll learn where the fears are coming from and tips on how to address them.