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Dec 22, 2023

Do you struggle with anxiety and fear? Have the events from your past led to an anxious attachment style and affect your dating experiences? In this Coaching With Kimmy episode, Kimmy dives deep into the journey of self-healing as she coaches her guest live on air.   Louis is a combat veteran who served two tours in Afghanistan, has a history of ADHD and PTSD.  This conversation highlights the intersection of mental health and relationships. 
Episode 327 of Charisma Quotient:  Dating With Anxious Attachment Style:  Coaching with Kimmy.
Kimmy starts the episode by giving practical tips to help you navigate dating with an anxious attachment style.  Kimmy and Louis then explore the impact of childhood experiences on adult anxieties and how he can start to navigate dating.  During this episode, you’ll hear Louis share his struggles with online dating and Kimmy’s helpful reframe on how to use online dating as a “practice portal,” rather than a place for finding a soulmate.  Catch the surprising moment from the episode when Kimmy talks through Louis’s vision of himself as "Louis 2.0:" a more emotionally resilient and relaxed version of himself, someone who’s willing to face relationship challenges with confidence.  You’ll also hear ways to incorporate mindfulness, breathing exercises, and meditation into daily routines to help manage symptoms of anxiety and create a healthy life balance.
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