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Mar 18, 2020

Is it even possible with all that is going on in the media and across the world to be dating and staying connected to others during the Coronavirus? Kimmy Seltzer, shares her thoughts on maintaining personal connections in dating and in life with all the uncertainty and fear that is surrounding the coronavirus outbreak. Health officials and government warnings have kept an intense focus on a series of messages to self-quarantine as well as avoiding close personal interactions. 
For this week’s episode called 'Dating and staying connected to others during a Coronavirus' of The Charisma Quotient, Kimmy Seltzer explains how physical or social distancing does not have to equate to total social and emotional isolation. 
Learning to foster these types of connections without physical contact can make a positive and healthy difference in these negative times that feel overrun with fear. Some believe when our desires for personal connections are not met, it can result in both physical and mental negative health outcomes. 
In this episode, Kim reviews five applicable steps to bring a renewed sense of motivation, connection, and focus with an authentic route to finding love during the coronavirus pandemic or for that matter, any type of quarantine situation. By bringing this breakneck speed of news, opinion, and information to a slower pace and identifying the 'outbreak' as a chance to break away from methods that were not working before, this could be a perfect time to reset and focus on the needs you may have been ignoring. 
Making the intentional choices to become healthy, happy and connected can create the opportunities to find others or that special other person that is looking for someone just like you. Whether your focus is dating and staying connected to others during a coronavirus, a pandemic, an outbreak or whatever else has you in a place of fear, Kimmy Seltzer brings a knowledge, an expertise and an array of experiences that may help you connect with that one special person… regardless of what is going on around the rest of the world. 
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Hosted by Authentic Dating and Strategic Makeover Authority Kimmy Seltzer,  The Charisma Quotient shares an array of topics focused on Building Confidence, Making Connections and Finding Love.
Charisma Quotient Episode 133: Dating and Staying Connected to Others During the Coronavirus
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