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Dec 15, 2023

Do you have a ‘Type? Are you trying to find your perfect match and feel exhausted after not finding it?  More importantly, is your type working for you?  This week Kimmy interviews Polina Solda, founder of Love By Design who has an expertise in a personality-typing system called Eniostyle.

In Episode 326 of Charisma Quotient, Dating Beyond Your 'Type’: Interview with Polina Solda, Kimmy and Polina explore ways to find the right type of partner for you.

Listen in to hear the two of them discuss the concept of shape-shifting, understanding compatibility based on personality types, and the sheer simplicity of finding the right match once you really get your own type. They even share some juicy stories, like Polina's story on how she met her "nice" husband!  You’ll hear about why knowing the "south man" vs the "east man" is important and how their personality traits impact compatibility with women.  Listen to some key tips around how to avoid the "checklist approach” and focus on core values and compatibility.

If you are attracting the same person in a different costume and want to break the pattern, hop on a call with Kimmy personally to talk about ways to crack the code on the type that is NOT working for you.  Book that here⁣
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