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Mar 4, 2020

Welcome back to another episode of Where Are They Now? where you'll hear from inspirational women and men who have found success in love and life after coaching with Kim. In this episode, you'll meet Julie, a vibrant, classicly trained pianist podcast listener who found Kim because she was feeling paralyzed by her perfectionism and overanalyzed everything which was preventing her from finding love.  Julie shares that she was driven to work with Kim because she had reached the end of her rope and needed help to get on the path of finding the right kind of relationship for her.  After investing to work with Kim, you'll learn the story of how Julie learned to release anxiety and land the amazing dream guy she is dating today. Kim asks Julie to reflect back on how she grew up and the kind of people she used to attract earlier in her life. They discuss how Julie's perception of what a man “should" be has transformed while working together and the tools she learned along the way to stay in a successful relationship. This conversation will encourage you to get out of your comfort zone, let go of perfectionism and switch up your patterns to attract the right partner into your life.  Listen in to hear key tips to lower anxiety and gain a clear picture of the reality of the situation so that you can date smarter. If you're struggling to get different results in your dating life or you're dealing with increasing anxiety around love, take this opportunity to learn the same lesson Julie did. Sign up for a free breakthrough call with Kim right here: This one call may be the very step you need to make a big difference in your love life. You could be the next star in these episodes to talk about your success story!