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Oct 24, 2018

Are you filling up your fuel tank? No, not in your car... your emotional fuel tank.  Are you expressing how you feel about things or do you shut down and find yourself in superficial relationships?  This week on Coaching with Kim, you'll hear Kim help Michelle live with her challenges of shutting down and shutting out people in her life.  She has a tendency to "shut down" in conversations with strangers and with the guy she is dating. They have some trouble getting past superficial conversation topics, but when she does express herself the response she gets just makes her feel like speaking up won't change anything.  Kim digs into her family history, her relationship with her dad and her upbringing to discover the source of the shut downs. This conversation will show you that when you feel like no one is hearing you, the best thing you can do is to start unapologetically expressing yourself without fear of rejection.  Kim gives Michelle some easy tools to use to begin building that muscle one step at the time.  The biggest hurdle to expressing yourself is raising your emotional intelligence IQ. The first step?  It all starts with a little awareness and then practice. If you're like Michelle and want to learn how to stop shutting down and be open to more intimate relationships, sign up for a FREE breakthrough call with Kim by scheduling it here  Also join Kim at the Empowered Women Rise Conference November 3!