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Jun 20, 2018

This week on Coaching with Kim, Kim talks to Dena, who's having trouble trusting the men she dates. This episode is all about how to trust others, without giving away your power. Dena is struggling with some ghosts of her past - two divorces and an experience with infidelity. She embodies the role of "giver" in all areas of her life and has attracted men who are "takers". In the past, she's fallen victim to dynamics where men take advantage of her giving nature and she lacks the tools to set boundaries, ask for what she wants and not lower her standards in order to please the other person. This coaching session is a great lesson on how you can build your self-confidence and trust your own value.  Kim gives some great tips about how and when to lower your guard and allow yourself to be vulnerable in order to open yourself up to new opportunities. If you're ready and willing to step in a new direction in your love life, sign up for a FREE breakthrough session, just like Dena's with Kim HERE: