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Jan 16, 2019

Do you find yourself feeling guilty for taking care of yourself instead of others? Are you hesitant to set boundaries or ask for help when you really need it?  This week, Kim coaches Jessica, a stay-at-home mom who wants to branch out and find her purpose outside of being a badass mom without guilt!  Kim talks through a bit of scientific research that shows women are more likely than men to take care of everyone and everything -- and feel guilty if they don’t!  Jessica openly shares a story about her upbringing where she didn’t get the attention she needed so she poured her energy into putting others first to feel validated. Kim dives into how Jessica can set some clear, healthy boundaries and set up a few simple systems that will allow her to take some much needed time for herself and not feel beholden to her role as a mom at all times. These lessons can apply to you whether you're a parent like Jessica or you often find yourself in the caretaker role in your romantic relationships. The more you run to meet the expectations of others without setting boundaries for yourself, the more you leave yourself open to being pushed to your breaking point and feeling depleted. This episode focuses on real, tangible tips to help you find your voice and rediscover your power to live your life on your own terms!  And in the end, you will feel heard, respected and cared for.  If this conversation speaks to you and you're interested in learning how you can prioritize self-care in 2019, sign up for a free breakthrough call with Kim right here: One conversation could set you on a whole new path! Take action today. Charisma Quotient Podcast, hosted by: Kimberly Seltzer.