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Jul 18, 2018

This week on Coaching with Kim, Kim talks to Marion -- all the way from France! Marion is a school teacher, who got divorced 10 years ago, and has dated several men over the years since her split. Now, she's dating an amazing guy she really likes and can see a future with, but there are a few red flags and she needs some advice on. This guy just got out of his marriage and Marion is worried that she's his rebound. Kim discusses how men respond to break ups and Marion’s family and dating history might be impacting her decision to stay in this relationship.  Kim also uncovers some key issues from her childhood that have crept up in her dating life consistently. Listen as Kim provides Marion with some tangible steps to help her determine whether this guy truly has the qualities she wants in a partner, or if she's blinded by what she hopes he will be. When you're ready to uncover why you're choosing the same people over and over, sign up for a FREE breakthrough session, just like Marion's with Kim HERE: