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Jul 17, 2019

Do you consider yourself a relationship person and hate dating? Do you find yourself going 0-60 on the first date, interrogating the other person to see if they're your next soulmate? Or perhaps you are getting attached to the outcome with your dates.  On this episode of Coaching with Kim, you'll meet Louise and hear about some surprising mistakes relationship-oriented people make when dating. Louise has been on a professional development kick, working on herself to be more confident and successful at work. Now, she's working with Kim to level up her game in the personal and romance department. After her divorce, she dove right back into a long term relationship and now she's trying to figure out how to just date without the attachment of a relationship.  Louise is having difficulties finding herself as a fun-loving, dynamic single woman separate from a man. She shares that many of her first dates feel boring and she wants to introduce more fun into her dating experience. Kim helps Louise identify some caretaking patterns from her childhood that have leaked into how she operates in relationships and dating now.  If you have a tendency to support others before considering your own needs, Kim shares some strategies to use to reduce the guilty feelings that come up when you start prioritizing you. This episode is packed with practical tips on how to date as well as enhance the quality of your conversations, be more curious and make more authentic connections. If you want to learn how to date more proactively as opposed to reactively and feel more in control of your dating life like Louise - sign up for a FREE breakthrough call with Kim right here: Kim's going on the road with the Great Love Debate for the next Flirt Academy Workshop in San Francisco! She's got a workshop for women on July 25!  Get your tickets here