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Mar 13, 2019

Boring dates... ghosting... narcissists... Sound familiar? In today's dating world, there's no shortage of bad dating experiences. When you embark on your journey to find love, how do you cope with the worst of the dating world and shake the negativity so you can find the one who’s right for you? On this episode, you'll hear Kim coach a woman, Maura, who's had a string of bad dates and is looking for strategies to move forward baggage-free. Maura’s been getting caught up in a couple of chemistry storms with men where she races through the first three dates like a whirlwind and then they come to a screeching stop before date four, only to find that the men were never really ready or available for a relationships. Kim and Maura talk through how to identify upfront what is within her control, and what is not.  Maura makes some real revelations on why she’s been rushing into the vortex of these tornado relationships and Kim gives her some practical tips on how to stop the cycle.  This episode is focused on how to transcend your bad dating experiences by changing your mindset, approach and perspective which in the end will make you feel uplifted and optimistic.  Kim helps Maura with some effective takeaways to relieve the pressure of a relationship and to just have fun! If you are in the market for a breakthrough to lift you out of a bad dating rut, sign up for a FREE call with Kim right here: Just one private session could be your first step to finding the love you truly deserve.