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Dec 29, 2023

Who’s in your tribe? Dating is not a solo sport…It takes a village! Ready to cultivate healthy relationships by creating a strong community? Join Kimmy and special guest Florence Ann Romano as they delve into the importance of building your village and how cultivating a supportive community boosts your love life.
Episode 328 of Charisma Quotient-Building A Dating Dream Team: Interview with Florence Ann Romano.  
In this episode, Kimmy chats with Florence Ann Romano, a personal growth strategist and author of "Build Your Village." As Florence shares her journey from childcare provider to community-focused advocate, you’ll hear about the importance of building a supportive tribe, and the power of positive energy. You’ll hear stories of reshuffling friendships, creating intentional social plans, and finding supportive networks during challenging times. Kimmy and Florence also touch on finding passion and purpose, the significance of authentic conversation, and the value of philanthropy in building connections.
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