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Jan 26, 2024

Do you struggle to let people in? Are you dating with a hard shell wall around you and you don’t even know it?  The armor is so thick that you don’t even realize that people who might be interested in you can’t even make a dent in it or find an opening to get the opportunity to really know you. 

In Episode 331 of Charisma Quotient- Breaking Down Defensive Walls: Coaching with Kimmy, Kimmy has a LIVE coaching session with Sarah, an electrician with a big heart, ready to break down her emotional barriers and fears that have been holding her back from meaningful connections.

Sarah appears tough and self-sufficient on the outside, but deep down, she wants to learn how to open up and let love in. Kimmy gets deep with Sarah on how to break down those walls, share personal stories, and change her body language to be more approachable. They delve into Sarah's past relationships, her fears of abandonment, and her struggle to connect with others on a deeper level. The episode highlights Sarah's journey to break out of her comfort zone and embrace her femininity.

If you are finding your defensive walls up when trying to connect with people and want help getting over some fears, take advantage of a free coaching call with Kimmy personally to talk about ways to crack the code on what is NOT working for you.  Book that here⁣
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