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Jul 3, 2019

Welcome back to the segment called, What Would Kim Do? Kim dedicates these episodes to answering your questions directly. In this episode, you'll hear a strategy for overcoming past trauma that may be infiltrating your dating life.  And if you're struggling to determine what exactly it is you want in a relationship, Kim dives into several tips on how to gain the clarity you need to attract the right kind of person. For those of you not meeting the kind of people you want, you'll get some advice on how to look inward to start the discovery process. You'll hear a question from a woman who's just coming off a separation and divorce. Kim shares some tips from her experience post-divorce encouraging you to get back to basics and discovering who you are independent from a relationship.  This episode touches on a lot of juicy topics - listen in! Are you struggling with some of the same issues you heard on this episode? Join Kim's private Facebook group, the Love Makeover Insiders - a supportive community of women seeking to find healthy, happy relationships. You can sign up right here:  Mark your calendars! Kim's going on the road with the Great Love Debate for the next Flirt Academy Workshop in San Francisco! She's got a workshop for women on July 25, and one for men on July 26! Get your tickets right here: for men and for women.