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Sep 26, 2018

How would you characterize your conversations and interactions on dates? Do you talk about your dreams, your feelings, your ambitions and really show who you are? Or are the topics you discuss more surface level like your profession, where you live or what restaurants you go to? This week, Kim coaches Linda live who's experiencing the latter. Linda doesn't have trouble meeting guys, but rather has difficulties moving past her superficial and guarded conversations.  She thinks it’s the men she's been out with because they rarely skim the surface and don’t really put effort into getting to know her.  But in this episode, Kim helps Linda unravel the real reason why deeper connections and attraction are not happening with men.  Hint:  It’s not about the men!  Listen closely as Kim talks about ways women wear armor to protect themselves and stay in their masculine conversation to play it “safe.”  There are nuances and tricks you can inject into your next interactions to improve the quality of conversation, stay in your feminine, be more playful and move past the surface. This episode will help you learn to express to your dates all you have to offer, be more open so that men can feel you and create a deeper attraction overall. If you want to learn more techniques for deepening your conversations and how to flirt with life, join Linda in Kim's private Facebook group the Love Makeover Insiders for woman transforming their love lives from the outside in